MokoTeaching Philosophy

Working with dogs has been a lifelong passion of mine. Training dogs and puppies to be polite, to mind their manners, and to be a pleasure and a delight to live with gives me great satisfaction.

I use gentle, encouraging, force-free methods to teach all the basic behaviors our canine friends need to become model citizens! No harsh corrections are ever used.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the light bulb go off when a puppy or a dog finally understands what you have been trying to teach. More exciting still is watching them decide to offer the behavior once it is learned!

I have worked with dogs of every breed, age, size and temperament. My lovely German Shepherd, Shayna Rose, was accepted as a Therapy Dog with Seattle Animal Shelter and for two years we visited nursing homes and Assisted Living facilities. Residents were comforted and delighted with her calm demeanor and her gentle acceptance of their petting and their love.

Loyal, devoted, amusing, playful, fun, silly, rambunctious, brave and boundlessly loving are some of the adjectives we use to describe our fluffy friends. We owe it to them to show them the proper way to behave, so they can become attentive and respectful members of our families. Then they can get on with the business of just loving us.