Sit! Stay! While You’re

Training While You Work or Overnight
While you are away, you can rest assured your pup/dog is learning all the behaviors s/he will need to be a pleasure to live with.
  • Training While You Work: I will come to your home and train your dog while you are at work. Then we will meet for a free Private Session to summarize all training techniques. $165 per day. Add $20 for second dog. (5-6 hours of training per day)
  • Training Overnight: I will stay with your precious family member 24 hours a day; training, feeding, napping, playing while you enjoy yourself on vacation or away from home. All basic behaviors are taught. Includes 1 free Private Session for every 5 days of training to summarize all Training Techniques. $175 per day. Add $20 for second dog.
Peaceful Pet Sitting
  • Daytime Canine Care: This takes place in the privacy of your home while you work (without training) and includes dog walks, feeding, playing, games, naps, dog park if applicable. $75 per day. (5-8 hours per day)
  • Slumber Party: Dog-sitting in your home overnight (without training) includes walks, feeding, play time, nap time, dog park if applicable. $85 per day.