Beth is absolutely incredible. While my fiancé and I were traveling for 13 days, we hired Beth to do a overnight board and train. It’s obviously a big leap of faith to hire someone to stay in your home with your dog, but it worked out better than I can imagine.

First the dog stuff: Beth took our 4-month-old puppy and in a matter of 13 days taught him to sit, lay down, stay, wait (little did I know that was different than stay), drop it, leave  it, not to use teeth when playing, avoiding jumping when walking in the door, loose leash walking, basic car riding manners, and he could even “roll over.” If you’re counting, that’s TWELVE behaviors in just 13 days. She was WONDERFUL with him. When we returned, she came over the following day to show us what he learned, and it was obvious that he was so happy with her. Beth is incredible and so patient with dogs.

Stay at our home: I couldn’t imagine someone more respectful in our home than Beth was. When we returned, the place was spotless. Not that she is hired to clean, but she clearly went above and beyond in respecting our home. She checked in with us often enough to know that everything was okay, but not too much that we felt as if we couldn’t enjoy our trip.

Overall: Although overnight and train is expensive, it is worth every penny. If you’re ever going away and want your dog’s behavior taught, fixed, or maintained, I have no doubt that Beth would be a great fit. After you figure the cost of boarding and the relative hardship a dog faces when he has to leave home, overnight board and train is worth the cost – especially if you hire Beth.

– Zak. B


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