Plenty of work ahead of us but we are grateful for Beth!

We recently adopted a second rescue dog after falling in love with his cute grin and handsome posture–yeah yeah, I point this out because he is adorable but also because the speed of the decision to bring him home left us scrambling to figure out his behavior in the following weeks (his name is Bricks btw!). It was clear from the beginning that he was uncomfortable around men and that his upbringing was likely difficult. His former humans abandoned him after they had a baby and dear lord I will get emotional if I keep talking about his backstory.

Long story short: I contacted Beth to help us deal with certain elements of his behavior that were really concerning–specifically his tendency to lunge at people and dogs when he is on a leash and his sporadic tendency to bark at men.

Beth made a really stressful and pivotal moment in our lives seem manageable. She was patient and studied in her interactions with Bricks and I really appreciated the way that she adapted her recommendations based on HIM and not a rigid methodology. A good dog trainer is really in the business of training the owners and I can honestly say that the lessons and tricks Beth gave us have made us better parents.

It’s so much fun to watch our sweet boy get better each day and to know that we are supporting his development. Without Beth and Cold Noses we would have never gotten to this point. Can’t recommend their services highly enough!